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Life is full of milestones, and one of the most critical of those events is retirement. Most endure a lifetime of hard work, sacrifice and planning to prepare for this inevitable opportunity to live life on their own terms. Still, with fluctuations in the stock market, changes in the economy and the ever changing landscape of legislation, the importance of having a balanced and diverse approach to preparing for and living in retirement is critical.

The challenge is there is not one solution to a secure retirement, there are a multitude of options that could result in various scenarios of success. Today, your retirement goals and aspirations matter more than ever, because without a clear and decisive plan of action it will be difficult to achieve the results you seek. Supplemental sources of income in retirement such as social security and other government programs remain fluid in their application.

We specialize in assisting individuals and families as they work to alleviate the noise and confusion that retirement planning can create. Unfortunately simply contributing to your 401(k) alone is no longer enough. Pensions have become a thing of the past, and a determination of who besides yourself you plan to support during your retirement is critical.

The strategies and tactics available to you are vast, but with our time-tested planning process to support the creation and development of your retirement income plan the solution for your situation will be clear.




Establishment of Retirement Requirements (Age, Location, Lifestyle, Recreation, Dependents)

Comprehensive Funding Needs Calculation

Current Accumulated Retirement Resources

Time Weighted Analysis of Resource Value

Retirement Gap Analysis

Opportunities Analysis to meet Funding Needs

Give and Take Appropriations - What do you have to have, and what would you be willing to give up

Retirement Plan of Action!